France vs Croatia World Cup final preview and 3 key battles

Who’ll write history today? So here we are guys, on the eve of the grandest of stages in Football which is about to take place. 32 teams entered this tournament and gave their all to write their names in the history books forever. We witnessed many epic battles where so many times the unlikeliest of…

Game of Thrones meets World Cup

What if the teams from the World Cup represent the great Houses from Game of Thrones TV Show? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see? Presenting you the relative comparison of national teams in the World Cup 2018 and the Houses from Game of Thrones

End of an era – Lionel Messi

As Argentina bow out of the World Cup, it marked the end of the World Cup quest for Lionel Messi and again left him short of achieving it. Is this the beginning of the end of Lionel Messi? A look at his astonishing career from a 13 year old kid to a 31 year old legend.

End of an era – Cristiano Ronaldo

As Portugal bow out of the World Cup, it possibly marked the end of the World Cup adventure of one of greatest player of this modern era, Cristiano Ronaldo. A flashback to his journey from a talented youngster from Sporting CP to a world beater in Real Madrid.

The World Cup of Underdogs

World Cup 2018 is turning out to be one of the most exciting ones in recent history. No team is anymore safe enough to be called as favorites. Any team can beat any team on their day. So gear up for more excitement ahead.

World Cup Round 2: Big winners and losers

A take on the big winners and losers from the round 2 of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia. While some teams are in the knockout stage other teams are eliminated. We will discuss the surprise winners and disappointing losers from the second round of group stage.