Football and fairytales

There are no fairytales in Football.

A story where the protagonist finally gets the epitome of success after all those years of waiting and unwavering patience, the success which we all so much desire for him to get.

Rather it is a story where the protagonist fails so miserably in his last battle that it breaks our heart. A story where the protagonist goes out with the ultimate individual punishment one could get. Maybe this why we love Football so much.

People get drawn to suffer and pain. They probably can’t imagine the happiness a player might feel after winning a trophy, but they can emulate the pain of loss. They can relate the pain to their own losses in their lives.

Although it is not just the pain football offers us. Football brings as much joy as pain. People find the joy in little moments of sheer genius, little moments of bewildering beauty by the players and then burst with happiness or fill with sadness at the last whistle. Teams win or lose. Football always win.

Football has a funny side to it too. 12 years ago a shocked world saw a legend of the game headbutt the opposition to be sent out in his last match. Go out like that when his team needed him the most at the biggest stage of Football.

Zidane red card World Cup 2006 final Italy
Zidane after the red card in World Cup 2006 final

Now the same legend saw his counterpart go out against his team in almost the same way right at the cusp of glory, right when his team needed him the most in the ultimate stage for club football.

Buffon red card ucl 2018 semi final real madrid
Buffon after seeing red against Real Madrid in UCL Semi Final

Football is filled with stories of heartbreaks. It also brings the occasional joy which everyone tends to enjoy despite their loyalties with their own clubs.

Occasions like the underdog, unlikely team winning a league against all odds.

Leicester City EPL win 2015-16
Leicester City living a fairytale

Occasions like a team making a remarkable comeback against the odds to win the match.

Remontada against PSG 6-1
Remontada against PSG

This is the reason we love Football despite its cruelness. It teaches us to have courage in face of adversity, to never lose hope no matter what, to keep trying and go down fighting even if victory is not possible. There are no fairytales in Football. It is just a story of pain sugar-coated in happiness.

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