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Are you passionate about Football and always on the lookout for some quality articles and blogs to pass your time? Or are you someone who likes Football just enough and looking for some escape from your daily routine? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Football. It is not just a sport, it is emotions, it is our joy, our sadness, our escape. It is the most popular sport on Earth. Sometimes football can be larger than life. It makes us forget about our worries, our sadness and brings about a smile to our face.

At Crazydribbles, I’m trying to spread this same joy that football brings to our lives. It will provide you with content which might bring that escape from your daily routine for some time.

At Crazydribbles, I am trying to put my knowledge and writing skills to provide you with quality content and news from the footballing world.

If football has taught me anything, it is that you can overcome anything if, and only if, you love something enough.

Lionel Messi